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About Higher Plains

Created to do things a little differently...

Higher plains started as an idea before the covid “era” and with the world being turned upside down and no one knowing how or when it would end, the idea was left in a box. Until now! Our mindset is life is short, so if not now, when? so why not!

Recruitment shouldn't be all cloak-and-dagger...

Our mission is to provide a higher level of commitment to our clients, as well as creating an equal plain for candidates to showcase their talents and skill sets.

We want to help people find their passion and pursue what makes them happy. You spend the majority of your week at your job, why be unhappy? Work with our team and let Mondays be a day you look forward to.

What makes Higher Plains that
little bit different...

What makes Higher Plains that little bit different...

Direct & Honest

Sometimes the best hire for your company isn’t the person with the best credentials on paper, but the person whose passion, potential and values match yours.


We say what we mean and mean what we say. We stick to our commitments and treat employees, candidates and clients with equality, respect, and honesty.

Action oriented

We proactively seek opportunities to enhance our customers and candidates experience, resolve challenges, react quickly and decisively to deliver a higher standard of results.

Making Mondays great again!

Our aim has always been to stand out from the crowd, do things slightly different, while enjoying what we do.

The clients and candidates that work with us share the same vision. We spend a unbelievable amount of time at work, so why not enjoy what you do and look forward to monday morning.

Robert Smith

We place the right people
at the right places.

Whether you’re a business looking for your next hire, or a candidate looking for the next path in your career, we’d like to support and work with you.